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RICHARD WARD (1689 - 1763)

Richard Ward was born 15 Apr 1689 at Newport, Rhode Island, a son of Thomas Ward and Amy Billings. His father Thomas, from Gloucester, England, served as an officer in one of Cromwell's cavalry regiments during the English Parliamentary Wars. Richard, like his father, also became a merchant.

Richard was named Attorney General of Rhode Island and served 1712-1713. He was a Deputy and Clark of the Rhode Island Colonial Assembly in 1714 and recorder from 1714-1730.

He served as Deputy Governor from May to July 1740, when Governor Wanton died. Richard then served as Governor for three terms from 15 Jul 1740 to May 1743.

Richard was married to Mary Tillinghast. Their son Samuel was also a statesman who served as Governor of Rhode Island. //more//


  • Richard Ward (July 15, 1740 - May, 1743) b. April 15, 1689 in Newport, RI d. Aug. 21, 1763 in Newport, RI buried: Common Ground Cemetery, Newport, RI  (NT003) //more//



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